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 Our company commenced its activity in 1992 in Izmir with crude oil transportation by means of roadway tankers. During 1992 – 2000 the vehicle capacity is increased by performing successful transportations to the air supply units. The fact, that the energy center of the Aegean Zone is Izmir/the District Aliaga, caused us to move to our building at the PO Fuel Oil Station found in the location Helvaci a 20.000 sqm. and all units of our company are presently trailed and controlled online from here.
It carried the Naphtha fuel oil of the power plants between the years 2000-2004 and continued so until many power plants turned to natural gas. In 2006 our company realized investments on fuel oil station enterprises and opened 3 new stations and accepts it as a honor to serve you, our esteemed customers, with totally 5 stations from different points. As of 2004 being the first company having made the first Bio Ethanol (Bio petrol) transportation of the sector, we are continuing the Bio Ethanol, Methanol, Bio Diesel and fuel oil transportations with our 20 private vehicles and 500 ton capacity. Since our foundation, we are providing fuel oil wholesale and retail sales to construction sites, industrial establishments, housing estates and for
individual needs with special equipped supply fuel oil tanks. Our company entered in 2006 in the construction sector and the work site and residence constructions in the Districts Aliaga and
Karsiyaka of Izmir are continuing.


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