Our fleet is structured in accordance with the ADR (Europan Agreement Concerning the Inernational Carriage of Dengerous Goods by Road) regulations, which are regulating the transport standards of dangerous goods,
which is applicable in Europe and which will come soon in force in our country. All of our dorssets are subjected to leakage tests with epoxy coated bottom loading with ADR, relive valve, sealing gaskets, safety lock manhole lids, for pressure-vacuum and are in conformity with the transport terms.
Batinak consists from tanker dorssets with UND satellite communication system connection working integrated with pc supported fleet management systems with silent and green motors, environment-friendly tower of
2006 model, tankers and dorssets with 7 compartments with a capacity of 36.000 liters. Batinak regards the safety and security in transportation in first plan, and chooses its drivers with particularity and subjects them to training courses. In order to ensure the safe delivery of the fuel oil, all vehicles
included in our structure have CPS systems. . Thanks to, all of our vehicles are under supervision during the transportation.


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